99DOTS Global Access Policy

The 99DOTS platform is designed as an open source toolkit available for use or adaptation by any government or health care organization seeking a real-time, low-cost solution for monitoring and improving medication adherence. No organization owns the platform; it is a community resource. The 99DOTS technology and deployment documentation is made available to the world because problems in the global health domain affect everyone; innovative, cost-effective, and implementable solutions to problems like adherence to anti-Tuberculosis medications are a global resource. The 99DOTS toolkit is designed to empower patients, providers, and programs to support adherent behaviors, and includes:

  1. Open source access to the 99DOTS software platform
  2. The designs of our envelopes and advice for how to print them
  3. Access to all training materials used across our global deployments

The goal of this project is to design a complete open source toolkit and distribute it globally, to find collaborators to join the fight to eradicate TB and other global diseases. For more information on the toolkit or our philosophy on these policies, please reach out to us at [email protected].