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----------- 21st August, 2017 -----------

The latest additions to features and bug fixes include:

  1. SMSs
  2. 99DOTS Dashboard:
    • Treatment Supporter menu has been removed and all existing treatment supporters have been migrated to Staff Details.
    • There is an option to map All or Some Patients and select the frequency (weekly / daily - same day / daily - previous day) for TU staff.
  3. Android application:
    • New Patient Management features.
    • Staff Management now available on App as well.
    • Staff can be linked to the patients in accordance to the new SMS protocol.

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----------- 24th March, 2017 -----------

The latest additions to features and bug fixes include:

  1. 99DOTS Dashboard:
    • Validation check added. If the phone number added is not equal to 10 digits the user will not be able to register the patient. Note: For landline numbers, do not add 0 in the STD code
    • Address is now required for patient registration
    • Training materials have been updated to include RNTCP videos and documents
    • Treatment outcomes have been updated to reflect Technical Operating Guidelines (TOG) 2017
    • Minor user interface changes done to the Treatment Supporter tab from the patients page
    • Overview page enhanced
    • Software changes to make the dashboard load faster
  2. Android application:
    • Most recent version released on March 24, 2017 -- World TB Day
    • New summary views released for all states, districts, TUs, and ART centers
    • Training materials are now available through the app
  3. Reports
    • Summary and detailed reports are now available in the 99DOTS Dashboard
    • Time range based Summary Reports are also available, but have only three fields as of now. Time range based Detailed Reports coming soon.
  4. SMSs
    • Allow field staff to customize their SMS frequency: daily, twice weekly, or weekly
    • Allow field staff to disable patient registration SMSs